Sea freight

Do you have enough time to transport your cargo and like to save money?


Sea freight is the best solution for transporting large volume goods over long distances. You can choose from many different types of transport units – standardized sea containers (see details here). These can be also used in combined transport as they are easily reloaded to another ship, truck or train. Moreover, the cargo is properly protected against loss or damage, which secures a safe transport.

Duration depends on the distance between the chosen destinations - 5 to 8 weeks on average.


Types of sea freight:


According to cargo size:
  • FCL (Full Container Load)

Your cargo fills a full container (you can choose the size) and is transported from the sender directly to you. This type of transport is convenient for subsequent manipulation and distribution.


  • LCL (Less then Container Load)

The size of your cargo is not large enough to fill a container so we transport it together with other smaller consignments, which makes it possible to reduce the freight price considerably.


According to cargo type:


  • Foodstuff (Frigo)



  • ADR (IMO) goods:



  • Oversize cargo:

If your cargo exceeds the common dimensions, we are able to provide a suitable vehicle to transport it. Instead of standardized containers we use special packaging or special types of containers.